When one meets a city like Charlotte, something similar to a romance is created; you fall in love with the city instantly, they call it The Queen City, right? I would describe Charlotte as a modern but elegant city where a wonderful mix of very friendly people is created with delicious restaurants, a nightlife that never gets boring but at the same time, a city where nature takes priority.

Being a Latina living in Charlotte, I have found that the level of education of its inhabitants is high, respect for diversity is common in a city that grows more every day. Within two hours you find beautiful beaches but also, at the same distance you can enjoy incredible mountains that offer the well-known waterfalls that North Carolina has.

Being the crowd pleaser it is, Charlotte has also a beer scene that has exploded. Neighborhoods like NoDa, South End and Plaza Midwood are home to more than 25 breweries with trendy places that offer award-winning beers. Charlotte's nightlife is almost magic. The city is full of small and cozy places where musicians start their careers and delight with their best compositions.

The city has trendy neighborhoods to discover. For example, Winwood Square where you will find historic houses surrounded by beautiful trees from more than a century of existence, or, Wesley Heights in west Charlotte where there are cozy cafes to enjoy while looking at the city skyline. Also NoDa (named for its main avenue, North Davidson Street), the so called city's epicenter of inspiration where you can find the art district. If you are ready to enjoy great murals, modern galleries and a good beer, this is the place! Thrill can also be found in Charlotte. Mountains, rapids, trekking and more is offered under the sun! There are more than 200 parks in this city that make you breathe fresh air and give us an always new and different experience. If you want a picnic afternoon with friends, Freedom Park is the place to go. But also, if you want to see protected species, Reedy Creek Nature Center and Preserve is a place that offers more than 730 acres with all kinds of flora and fauna to enjoy. Charlotte doesn't forget furry friends, either. William R. Davie Park offers 5 acres of off leash fun for dogs that make this place a pet favorite.

In short, our queen city offers everything for everyone and as we say here, "Charlotte's got a lot!"

- Ximena D.


Ximena is a lawyer, a marketing guru and an advocate. She started a grassroots organization called Latinas Luchadoras that provides community-sourced  information, resources and help on a ton of topics for Latina women and their families. She was born and raised in Colombia, but Charlotte is now home. 

June 29, 2020 — Donna Bruschi

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