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Best Bloody Mary?

West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shop at the Milwaukee Public Market or Wicked Hop?(luckily they are right across the street from each other)


Photo by Kaitlyn Ahnert

Best brunch?
Uncle wolfies or Blue’s Egg

A water fountain is called a Bubbler. But a bike rental is called a Bublr bike

Tip: Milwaukee has the biggest music festival in the world, every year. It’s called Summerfest.

Best way to see the city? By kayak. Rent one in the Third Ward and kayak down the Milwaukee river.

Tip: The bridge Jake and Elwood jump in The Blues Brothers? It’s the Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee. Names”d after Daniel Hoan, Milwaukee’s socialist mayor for 24 years (1916 to 1940.)


Photo by Tom Barrett

Best holiday in Milwaukee?
The People’s Holiday, also known as the
Riverwest 24. A 24 hour bike race in the Riverwest neighborhood, full of crazy costumes and wild pitstops.

Tip: When at a Brewers game stay in your seats for the bottom of the sixth inning. That’s when the racing sausages run. Cheer on bratwurst, Polish, Italian sausage, chorizo or hotdog.


Tip: want to see 79 pieces of original art by 32 artists, many of whom are Milwaukee-based? Go to a Bucks game.


- Mike B




Mike used to write Epic Historical Rap Battles in LA, and now copy writes for the agency that’s working on the Visit Milwaukee campaign, so he knows whereof he speaks. We asked him for his top tips for enjoying Milwaukee and he came through. Check out their latest campaign Unique Unites.


Cover photo by Kayle Kaupanger
September 02, 2020 — Donna Bruschi

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