I’ve always loved Toronto, growing up we lived 20 minutes from the city and the only time we ever went downtown was to see my dad at the fire hall or to go for an ice cream and a walk along the waterfront.   The idea of living downtown, enjoying views of the CN Tower and the lakefront with my morning coffee, was always the dream.  A few years ago I made the decision to move out West and grind for a few years, with the intention of eventually moving back, downtown and living out my dream. The year I moved into my condo couldn’t have been better timing. The Raptors had made it to the playoffs and I was able to witness not only a city, but the entire country cheering and coming together for Toronto.



Once Kawhi left, I had more time on my hands to explore and enjoy what the city has to offer.  Big golfer? Don’t have to go far for that.  Toronto is home to world-class golf courses, and a hidden gem is the Don Valley Golf course;  top shelf, affordable and a must-go if you love golf.

If you’re a person who plays 30 rounds of golf a season and walks zero, you can get your steps in at Evergreen Brickworks. It’s a trail hidden amongst the Don Valley Parkway, and instantly takes you from the six to the sticks.



Switch gears a little. If you’re interested in exploring all the diversity and culture Toronto has to offer, one of the places you need to check out is the Danforth or “Greek Town”. Pick literally any restaurant you see.  I’m a frequent flyer and make a point of trying a new place every time I go. It’s also home to Canada’s largest street festival, “Taste of the Danforth”, which welcomes approximately 1.6 million attendees over three days.

And last, but definitely not least, one of the best ways to spend an evening is on waterfront.  You can easily grab a bike from one of the hundreds of bike stations across the city, and jump on the Waterfront Trail, which will take you from the Beaches all the way to Humber Bay Arch Bridge.  And make sure that when you take your pit stop, it’s at Amsterdam Brewhouse.  The views are incredible, the brews are incredible, and what’s better than both is their Buffalo Cauliflower. 



When you come to Toronto, not only are you visiting a champion city, but one of the best in the world. This city is filled with fantastic people from all walks of life, and no matter what you end up doing while you’re here – you’ll never have a dull moment. No matter who you’re with, what you’re doing or what day of the week it is - you might just end up at Toby’s Pub on College St. Sunday night for the best karaoke around!  WE THE NORTH!!




- Zach M.




 Zach’s a Tradesman originally from Toronto. If you want to find him, you can catch him at the 19th hole! 


September 03, 2020 — Donna Bruschi

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